Rotary Drum Dryer Machine

MAUDGILL INDUSTRIES MAUDGILL INDUSTRIES is one of the leading Rotary Drum Dryer Manufacturers in India. This organization manufactures supplies, and exports supreme category dryers that meet the various industries drying needs. With decades of trusted delivery of Rotary Drum Dryer, we have become the first choice in the leading industry.

Features of Our Rotary Drum Dryer

Our dryers are designed using ultra-advanced manufacturing technology. Their main components include a drum, Internal lifting fins, hot air or gas blower, and more. Assembled using premium materials, they come wih many features such as excellent moisture evaporation, continuous operation, large quantity holding capacity, outstanding performance, and more.

Our rotary dryers work perfectly. They tumble the material in a rotating drum. The drum rotates and materials are lifted through internal lifting flights. The goods get heated to avoid direct contact between the material and the processing medium. Thus, heated gas evaporates the moisture content from goods.

Benefits of Our Rotary Drum Dryer

  • Excellent moisture removal
  • Minimal drying time
  • Minimum energy consumption
  • Consistent production with quality
  • Handles different materials
  • Uninterrupted operation during long-running operation
  • Compact design suitable with minimal floor space
  • Low risk of material degradation

Applications Industries

Moreover, our dryers are customizable for different industrial needs. Our wide range of rotary dryers is available as custom industrial drying machines. They serve various Industries including agriculture, chemicals, manufacturing, textile biomass, and more.

These Rotary Drum dryers are used for dry grains, fruits, chemical fertilizers, minerals, paper pulp, textiles, and biomass. Moreover, they are also applicable in food processing and pharmaceuticals.

Our Manufacturing Process

In the manufacturing process, experts at MAUDGILL INDUSTRIES utilize a range of equipment to craft these ingenious devices. This typically contains lathes, mills, presses, and CNC machines. These equipment are used for shaping, cutting, and forming raw materials into desired shapes and components. For the product assembly conveyor belts and stations are used. Welding, painting, and material handling tasks are met using a robotic system.

Our quality control assembles various inspection equipment such as gauges, sensors, and inspection stations to verify product functionality. With the support of these technologies, we achieve superior fabrication processes and complete our projects timely.

Choose MAUDGILL INDUSTRIES as one of the trusted Rotary Drum Dryer Manufacturers and get the best product that complies with your requirements. The most considerable point is that our product is very competitive in leading industry.

Application Food, Pharma,Chemical, Industrial Finishing Polished
Working Pressure As per design Phase 3 phase
Customisation Customised Speed As per design
Surface Treatment Cladding